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Instructions for use - UF2000 Urine stain and odor remover

UF2000 gegen UringeruchStains on wooden floors are very difficult to eliminate especially when they floor darkens for having been soiled once and again.The dark spot mean that the urinesalts have cristallized in the wood that it has been damaged by the acidity of the urine.
 By repeating the treatment various times it will be possible to completely eliminate the urine stench; not the dark spots. You can remarkably improve  the appearance of the floor by sanding it and applying a varnish.

Before sanding and varnishing treat the spot with UF2000. By applying abundantly  Uf2000 various times on the wood it will make it easier to sand the damaged material.

The following instructions are for a floor containig¡ng various damaged spots.

1. Apply UF200o on the spots first.

2.Apply Uf2000 on the rest of the floor surface.

3.Cover the floor with plastic to avoid excessive evaporation.Be aware that the stennch increases after the first treatment ands the dissolved urine salts rise to the surfcace.

4.After 30 minutes remove the plastic and dry the floor with kitche paper.

5.Repeat these steps every 30 minutes till the urine stench is eliminated.Every treatment will improve the floor condition and you will notice that the spots become clearer and smaller at every treatment.

6. Treat the remaining dark spots seperately till they almost disappear.

7.Rinse with water and leave to dry.

Once the urine has been elinminated it will be easier to sand theand varnish the floor leaving it almost as new.

Often after the treatment the appearance of the floor improves so much that a finishing isn´t even necessary. 

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