Does your dog always pee in the same place?
hundDo you find it impossible to remove nasty odors of urine, vomit and blood etc from your furniture, doormat, dog’s basket or floor?
Do you have an older dog and does your entire house smell of this typical “old dog” smell?

You can do something about it right now!
With EcoPet Odor & Stain Remover or UF2000 against urine smell you can remove stains in the blink of an eye and eliminate dirty smells efficiently and naturally.

There are various reasons why dogs pee inside the house.
Sometimes they pee little drops, this is called urine incontinence (unwanted urine loss). Urine incontinence can be a side effect of some diseases and illnesses, but also submissive dogs can sometimes have the habit of greeting you with these little pees of joy. Sterilised female dogs can also pee inside the house accidently when they get older.

Also, dogs can just pee inside the house instead of outside. For example untrained puppies, male dogs that want to mark their territory and dogs in their puberty can start peeing in the house (again). 

Whether you dog looses urine by accident or whether your dog actually pees inside; it is always good to see your vet for this.
Unfortunately it is not always possible to solve the problem, whether it is a small drop of urine at a time or larger amount; the smell is always terrible! The smell gets into your wooden or stone floor and with normal detergents you can only mask the smell temporarily.



Our smell neutralising products do not mask, they eliminate the smell without perfuming it!


To prevent dogs from peeing in the same place every time and to make sure you remove the dirty smells permanently, you can use Ecodor’s UF2000 against urine smell. UF2000 is a powerful smell neutralizer which fights the urine smell in furniture, (wooden) floors, concrete and carpets effectively.

If you have an older dog you know they don’t always smell very nice. Many people decide to put blankets in the dog’s basket, on the couch or in other places where the dogs likes to lay down. A blanket is the only thing you can wash, if necessary. With you don’t have to do this anymore! Just spray EcoPet Odor & StainRemoval every now and then on the places where your dog likes to stay and the smell and the stains will disappear!

EcoPet Odor & Stain Remover is also very handy when you have a rutting dog in the house, or a vomiting dog and dogs that tend to slobber. You can neutralise the odors and you can also remove the ugly stains from your dog’s basket, your couch, chair, doormat, rug etc.

One of the unique characteristics of Ecodor products is the ability to control smell problems without using chemicals which can be hazardous to the environment and/or products that mask the smell.
The vegetable enzymes in the Ecodor products work as a catalyst for the bacteria’s present in the air and stimulate them to a quicker decomposition of the smell.
Ecodor products are non toxic, non irritating, free of bacteria, biologically non persistent and hypo allergen. The products do not contain propellant.
Ordering Ecodor products.
The  Ecodor products can be ordered in our web shop by clicking HERE.
Normally, if you order today, you will receive the product tomorrow.
At this moment, it is possible to order both products in one profitable odor fight combination package in our web shop

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