Cat Urine Odor Neutralizer!
kattenpis_geur_verwijderen_met_ecodor_uf2000.gifAt last a product that truely eliminate the stench of cat urine.Ecodor has developed various new products to eliminate the stains and neurailize the stench caused by cat urine.

At  last a product that truely works well against the hazards of cat urine! As you may know Murphy´s law applies perfectly to pets as their excrements or vomit accidently always tend to fall on your sofa your carpet.
 Ecodor excels in eiminating stains and and bad smells on all types of surfaces!

Finally a natural product that works! Ecodor is a 100% natural odor neutralizer! Are you looking for a good cleaning product that takes away Cat pee and of course as well as the smell? Use UF2000!
Most products eventually remove the stain but the stench still remains.Because Ecodor truely neutralizes the cat pee not only does eliminate the stain but most of the stench of cat urine because Ecodor does not mask the odor it effectively neutralizes it.
Smell but can´t find it? Use the Ecodor Uine detector.
Can´t get nasty  stains  of your dog's urine, blood or vomit off  the furnuture, dogbed of carpet?
Does your house smell like if were your dog´s? Well,this belongs to the past because with UF2000 and/or Ecopet will remove all the urine stains and -odor!

Ecodor products don´t mask odors!

Uringeruchsbekämpfungs-Kombipaket Ecodor has the solution you are looking for! EcoPet Odor and Stain Remover or UF2000 Urine Stench Remover.

 Eco Pet Stain and Odor Remover is a bio-vaporizer that eliminates stains and bad smells in your pet´s  "favorite" places such as beds, cat sand, benches, cages.

 UF 2000 is a powerfull neutralizer that combats urine odors on furniture, wooden floors, cement and carpets. Ecodor´s UF2000 not only eliminates the stench of cat urine but as well that of dogs, rodents and  humans The result is an environment free of bad odor and perfumes.

ComprarEcodor Products are unique in their capacity to control bad ododrs without using chemicals that harm the environment nor masking agents.
The vegetal enzymes in Ecodor products act as a catalysor for bacteria tha are in the air and stimulate the to rapidly eliminate bad odors.
Ecodor products are non toxic do not irritate nor contain bacterias.The vaporizor does not contain any gases at all and is refillable.

How to buy Ecodor products

Ecodor products are sold exclusively  in our web shop. Simply click here!

Delivery takes approximately 3 days upon reception of you payment.
You can find nicely priced  promotional starter´s kits to combat the bad smells of urine  in our Web Shop.
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