EcoHome, against bad odours in the house

EcoHome - 300 ml

This deodorant dicomposes bad smells in thye air in a naturally. 
EcoHome eliminates undesireable odours elimina in stead of masking them with perfumesos unlike most deodorants.





EcoHome leaves the air free of bad odours. Ecohome has been specially developped for consumers that are not perfume lovers but are hinderd by bad odours in the house or at work. The resuls are achieved in minutes.

Aplications: EcoHome is ideal to eliminate  the odours in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms,rubbish bins and of smoke, tobacco, food, el olor a humo y de tabaco.

EcoHome contains inoffensive vegetable proteins dissolved in water. It 100 % in presence of people and food.

Composition: Water, fermented vegetable extracts,, poli- alcohols, citric acid, CPC.
Packaging: 300 ml bottle and 1 liter refill.

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