EcoClinic Odour Remover

EcoClinic - 200 ml
EcoClinic is an ecologic odour eliminator base on natural enzyms. Once applied bad smells disappear upon physical contact with the complex protein systems it contains. The molecules of the smells are decompose to smaller and simpler molecules that do not smell as he are catalyzed by EcoClinic. Ecoclinic  does not contain perfumes or aromas and does not leave any  rsidual chemical smells.

Unlike commun deodorants, Ecoclinic eliminates bad odours en stead of masking them with aromas and perfumes.Ideal for Fisiotherapists,Hospitals, nursing Homes, Surgery rooms, Sport centers, Gyms etc...





Aplications: smells on textiles and clothing, plaster, sweat, feet, and other body smells, excrements, emsis, burns, wounds, medical instruments, bandage etc...

Composition: Complex of natural vegetable enzyms, active surface amterials derived from grains, Cetylpyridinium Chloride.

Ecoclinic is non toxic, free of bacteria, ecologic and hipoallergic. Keep at room temerature, does not contain gases, recyclable packaging.

Packaging: 100 o 200ml eco-vaporizor and variuos refills.

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