EcoPet Odor and Stain Remover
EcoPet - 300 ml

EcoPet stain and odor remover is bio-vaporizorthat eliminates any type of odor or stain on your pet´s favorite places ( cat litter, cages, benches etc...Comprar)





Unlike other commun deodorizing products, EcoPet stain and odor remover eliminates bad odors instead of masking them with perfume. Furthermore EcoPet stain and odor remover eliminates stains of excrements and/or blood that can be found on texiles for example.

EcoPet can also be used to eliminate stains of (red) wine and coffe.


Aplications:  excrements, urine stench, feeding bowls. Ideal for eliminating smells and stains on textile, sheets,sofas, chairs, car interiors etc...


Compositión: Complex of natural vegetable enzyms, CetylPyridium Chloride

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