UF2000 Eliminates the stench of cat urine!
UF2000 for Pets - 500 ml

UF 2000 is powerfull neutralizer that combats the stench of cat Urine. Whenever the odor of urine is a niusannce , UF2000 is the ecological and effective solution you are looking for.





UF 2000 is potent neutralizer that effectively combats the stench of cat Urine.UF2000 is the efficient and ecological solution against  the stench of cat urine. 
UF2000 does not mask bad odours by adding perfumes to them it using vegetable enzyms.

UF2000 can be used on hard surfaces ( cement, stone, walls, wooden floors, etc...) as well as carpets, textiles, matrasses, and the cat´s sand box.  

Applications: Catteries,kennels, Urine odors of cats, dogs, rats, rabbits,mice and other rodants. Can be used on , cement, stone, wooden flooring, laminates, linoleum,cermic tiles,carpets,walls,beds,matrasses,furniture, chairs, sofas, etc...

Complex  of natural vegetal enzyms, Sodium Laurilsulfate, water,conservants.

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